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Autumn 1 2020

Class Tutor Comment – Mr Groome

It has been an amazing start to the year by all the wonderful pupils in M2 class. Everybody has worked hard and has filled their brilliant brains with a lot of learning. We have also enjoyed getting to know our new classmates and we have played amazing games together at playtimes! Brilliant start M2, we are so excited for the rest of the year!



Class Reader

Matilda by Roald Dahl is our class reader. We are reading this everyday and hoping that Miss Trunchbull does not come to Telford!



In M2, we have daily SPAG and English lessons in which we all work hard to develop amazing punctuation and fabulous writing skills. We love to write stories and show off our amazing learning! This term we are learning to write stories, instructions, poems, and explanation texts. We also practise our spellings everyday and we also recap our phonics learning to make our reading even more amazing!



The magical M2 mathematicians are learning about place value; addition and subtraction; and multiplication and division this term. We are learning many different strategies and are challenging ourselves with reasoning at the heart of all of the maths that we do.



We are learning all about Forces and Magnets. We will be creating toys which use magnets, creating flying Harry Potter broomsticks with magnets and carrying out many other experiments.



Our lovely children will be exploring the world of the Vicious Vikings. We will create Viking helmets and longboats, cook some real Viking food, and learn all about their lifestyles, battles, and the impact they had on Britain.



We have been working with our peers and adults about our emotions and what to ‘do’ with them. We have explored different ways to react and prevent difficult situations through using a variety of strategies and resilience. We have also been learning about how to stay safe online, which video games we should play and all about the dangers of social media.



The awesome children of M2 are learning to play the keyboards and sing this term. To do this, we will learn how to read basic music notation to play the keyboards and we will sing our favourite songs. We have already sung a Stormzy song, what will we sing next?