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Autumn 1 2020


Class Tutor Comment – Mr Paskin and Miss Blake

S2 is a wonderful class consisting of 2 year 9 students. They are working on developing their English, maths and science skills, as well as Careers Education, Life Skills, Arts and Humanities.

The students have gelled well and support each other in all aspects of student life.


English - Miss Holland

English Language is being taught through a combination of various authors and extracts from their novels.  Pupils are pulling passages apart to fully comprehend language use and creativity.  In particular, pupils are looking at techniques used to quantify their choices of explicit quotes and their implied understanding of them.


Maths – Mrs Haycock

This group are working on the White Rose Maths program at year 9. This is challenging them and they are living up to the challenge, engaging well in lessons and enjoying the subject. They have just begun the Testing Conjectures Topic having already completed one on Algebra and Straight line Graphs.



Science – Mr Paskin

This term in science we are studying cells and organisms in Biology; States of matter and separating of mixtures in Chemistry and Energy Changes and Transfer in Physics. We will be carrying out practical activities as part of these studies.



History – Mr Renton

In history this term we are studying a range of events in order to help us answer the question: ‘How close did Britain come to achieving true democracy between the Great Reform Act and the Equal Franchise Act?’  This will lead to an in-depth understanding of the ways power has changed in Britain in the last 300 years.



Geography – Mr Renton

This term in Geography we are studying natural hazards.  This unit looks at the dynamic nature of physical processes and systems, and human interaction with them in a variety of places and at a range of scales The aims of this unit are to develop an understanding of the tectonic, geomorphological, biological and meteorological processes and features in different environments, and the need for management strategies governed by sustainability and consideration of the direct and indirect effects of human interaction with the Earth and the atmosphere.


RE – Mr Renton

Students this term will be looking at a wide range of different religious beliefs and attitudes and how they interact with religious and non-religious attitudes in modern Britain.  They will be aware that the religious traditions of Great Britain are, in the main, Christian, and that religious traditions in Great Britain are diverse, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism, as well as other religious and non-religious beliefs such as atheism and humanism.



PHSE/ RSE/ RHSE – Mr Paskin

This term our units of work are based upon relationships, self-care, support, and safety and managing feelings. We will look at these units through a mixture of discussion, questioning, debate, and visual support.



PE – Sports Plus

This term we have focused on team building games such as dodgeball. We have enjoyed new sports such as soft archery and more team building activities.



Emotions – Mr Paskin

Students are working at understanding and managing their emotions in safe and calm manner. We have been looking at anger management, social situations and understanding and breaking down barriers when it comes to emotions.



Careers – Mr Paskin

Students in this group are working on the newly developed careers program. They are just beginning to understand their place in the world and the options they have after school and post 16.

This academic year so far they have covered: apprenticeships, employability, interview techniques and personal skills.



Music – Mrs Jones

At present the students are learning to sing as a group and exploring their areas of talent, this will increase self-confidence and the sense of belonging. The intent is to learn all musical aspects to the song including the instrumental aspect with the plan of performing this for our primary phase in the coming months.

I am very pleased with the effort and commitment shown by all the class so far this term.


Outdoor Ed – Mr Ryder

Students have been taking part in outdoor skills sessions this term. They have been using flint and steels and learning how to make an outdoor fire to cook smores and insideout pizza. They have been working together and teambuilding using the outdoor environment.


Design Technology – Mrs Jones

The students have been working on designs for chocolate packaging and how best to design these to achieve the best marketing results.

The next topic will be on transport starting next week.


Art – Mrs Jones

The students have been looking at using continuous line in their drawings and have produced some really great work so far. We have also been looking at different artists who use this style of drawing and attempting to re-create their work.

The students will be concentrating this week on their use of shading to add the depth and definition to their individual artwork.



Computing – Mr Paskin

Students are working at understanding how Computers work and how we can learn how to develop and create software to improve computers and their systems. We have had a big push on E-safety and will be moving on to computational thinking, creating our own video games and more life skills such as spreadsheets



Citizenship – Mr Paskin

Students are working at understanding how the government works and how the countries of the world are ran. We have been looking at Democracy, UK Parliament, other types of government and more recently the 2020 US Election.