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At The Linden Centre Design and Technology aims to give all pupils the chance to become confident independent learners; thriving on the process of solving problems to design and make products of high quality whilst developing and enriching their knowledge and understanding of design and market influences, materials, components, processes and manufacturing.

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Claire Bowen KS3

Subject Lead

Karen Evans KS1/KS2

(Primary short stay)

Helen Stewart Year 3  

(Primary Specialist)

Katherine Clarke Year 4

(Primary Specialist)

Henry Groome Year 5

(Primary Specialist)

Laura Hayward Harris Year 6

(Primary Specialist)

Design Technology gives students the chance to develop their knowledge, confidence and to articulate their hard work and progress. Within this subject, we aim to create the very best artists, designers and creative thinkers.

We are dedicated to developing critical thinking and visual literacy through a challenging and engaging environment. We hope to develop a lifelong passion to learn, explore, create and work like those in the field would. Our subjects empower students through collaboration and encourages the sharing of ideas and with peer critiques students are
guided to be positive, specific and helpful to discuss their own work and that of others. By placing this focus on our curriculum, we want to make learning accessible, rewarding, thought provoking and meaningful to all, allowing us to challenge students to problem solve and reach their potential.

During the academic year 2022 to 2023 Design & Technology will focus on:

Priority Objective 1: Ensure that D&T is planned effectively, and the subject is adequately resourced.

Priority Objective 2: To develop use of design, make, evaluate techniques & use technical knowledge in lessons.

Priority Objective 3: Ensure that D&T is taught regularly, effectively, and consistently across the school and the curriculum expands to allow for more practical lessons.

Priority Objective 4: Teaching to be at least GOOD and, together with a rich and relevant curriculum, contribute to outstanding learning and achievement

In addition to discrete teaching in this subject, opportunities for DT through additional enrichment and links with other subject areas, ensure that elements of the DT curriculum are accessed by children throughout the year.

Healthy eating is promoted through daily routines as well through specific activities where children learn about nutrition and are educated about healthy food choices.