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DSL and Pastoral Team

Key Staff – Safeguarding Team

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is: 
Mrs Claire Bowen, Deputy Headteacher

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are:
Ms Wendy Hollands, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Helen Stewart, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Claire Hughes, Assistant Headteacher 

Mr Henry Groome, Teacher, Primary Specialist

Mrs Amy Heath, SENDCo 


All of the above colleagues have been trained to the level required for Designated Safeguarding Leads. They ensure their training is kept up to date and certification is available to this effect by our Administrators.  Two Safeguarding Leaders have also completed additional qualifications in Mental Health Awareness (YMHFA).

The Safeguarding Team is the focus for school staff, and others, who may have concerns about an individual child’s safety or well-being and is the first point of contact for external agencies.


Child Protection

Please refer to our Child Protection Policy for the full procedural framework on our Child Protection duties. Staff at our school are alerted to the fact that, whilst some concerns are broadly safeguarding issues, there may be some instances where a child or children may be at immediate risk of harm or neglect. For example; this could be due to a child displaying risky behaviours in terms of the activities they are involved in or the groups they are associated with or staff may be aware of information about a child’s family that may equally place a child at risk of harm. (These examples are for illustration and are not definitive or exhaustive) Therefore all adults working at our school (including visiting staff, volunteers, contractors, and students on placement) are required to report instances where they believe a child may be at immediate risk of harm or neglect to the Designated Safeguarding Lead/Headteacher.


Safeguarding Training

The Linden Centre Colleagues receive regular training in safeguarding and are given the latest updates as they emerge by a member of the Designated Safeguarding Team. As a school we recognise that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility.

Our Pastoral Lead has received Further Child Protection training (formerly Level 2 qualification).


Role of Management Committee

The Management Committee will undertake appropriate training to ensure that they are clear about their role and the parameters of their responsibilities as Governors, including their statutory safeguarding duties. The Management Committee of our school will support the ethos and values of our school. Governors will review the child protection policy at least annually and may amend and adopt it outside of this timeframe in accordance with any new legislation or guidance, or in response to any quality assurance recommendations pertaining to the delivery of this policy and the overall safeguarding arrangements made. The Governor with responsibility for Safeguarding is Mrs Michelle Salter.


Action in response to a referral

On occasion, our safeguarding team may also seek the advice of Family Connect regarding allegations that may be brought to our attention. This information will be dealt with as confidentially as possible.

Parents and those with parental responsibility do need to be aware that there are legal responsibilities laid upon a school to report allegations to Social Services or the Police and we have to follow safeguarding procedures if such information is passed to us.

For more information for those with parental responsibility please visit Family Connect.

The School also works with over 15 other agencies and support workers from different charities and organisations to best help students who need additional support.



Students at The Linden Centre are well cared for by a dedicated pastoral support leader.

Their primary needs are met on a daily basis by the form tutor and Intervention TA and their Head of Centre also monitors progress and is there to offer support when required. Our Pastoral Leader also supports the Heads of Centres. 

Medical Needs are managed by a team of first aiders on each site.

The intervention team make it a priority to get to know students individually and to support with academic progress and provide emotional support when required. This begins during transitional visits and a handover of information occurs when a student moves to us and from us.

Settling into a new school can often be a worry, but we do all we can to alleviate any concerns during our induction day and in the first few weeks.