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Senior Leadership Team


Mr Lennon

Head Teacher

Mrs Bowen

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Holland

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Haycock


Mrs Stewart

Lead Teacher

Ms Ireland

School Business Manager


Linden Primary Short Stay (AI)

Mrs Bowen

Centre Lead /DHT /Teacher (Yr 1-2) Tutor (Yr 1-3)


Teacher (Yr 5-6)


HLTA (Yr 3-4)

Mrs Shortt

HLTA + ELSA + Tutor (Yr 4,5+6) + Pupil Premium Support

Mrs Knowles

Teaching Assistant (Yr 4,5+6)

Mrs Zielinski

Teaching Assistant (Yr 1,2+3)


Admin and Teaching Assistant


Linden Primary Specialist School

Mrs Stewart

Centre Lead / Lead Teacher / Teacher (Yr5-6)

Mr Groome

Teacher (Yr 3-4)

Mr Inglis

HLTA (KS1-4)

Mrs Tidmarsh

HLTA (KS1+2) + Pupil Premium Support

Miss Narme

Teaching Assistant (Yr 5+6)

Mrs O’Prey

Teaching Assistant (Yr3+4)


Teaching Assistant (KS1+2)

Mrs Barnley



Linden Secondary Short Stay (AI)

Mrs Holland

Centre Lead / AHT/ English Teacher

Mrs Haycock

Maths teacher/ SENDCo

Mr Paskin

Teacher + Tutor (Yr 8-9)

Mrs Evans

Teacher + Tutor (Yr 7-8)


Humanities Teacher

Mrs Blake

TA (Yr 8-9)

Mrs Kelly

TA (Yr 7-8)


TA (Yr 7-8) and Outdoor Education

Mrs Ireland

Business Manager/Admin


Linden Secondary Specialist School


Mrs Haycock

Centre Lead, Maths Teacher and SENDCo + Tutor (Yr 10-11)

Mrs Hollands

English teacher / Assistant Headteacher + Tutor (Yr 8-9)

Mr Paskin


Mrs Evans



Humanities Teacher + Tutor (Yr 7-8)

Mrs Williams

TA (Yr 8-9)

Mrs Jones

HLTA (Yr 7-8)

Mrs Duckers

HLTA (Yr 10+11)

Mrs Evans

Secondary Admin and Pupil Welfare and Support inc. Pupil Premium Champion